Advertising & Marketing

T.E.A.M. offers expertise in the services it provides. First in the field, T.E.A.M. is able to sell and package its services in various ways that allow clients to choose their preferred package.

Description of our Service:

College hopefuls apply for assistance with college expenses.

Applicants are selected and coded for target marketing.

Players wear a T-Shirt up to 15 hours a week with client logo/information and QR Code for marketing tracking and coupon disbursement.

Players uploads pictures 3x a week showing that they are wearing shirt it on a crowded campus and during events and fellow students are asked to comment on picture a certain amount of times indicating their college.

Consult with Client about tailored target marketing campaigns.

➢ Costs less than college news media
➢ Access to college students in a unique and effective way
➢ Valuable marketing tracking capabilities via QR Code
➢ Pinpoint target audience for marketing your product such as athletes, and Greeks.
➢ Increase sales to target market
➢ Analyze sales trends
➢ Portion of sales goes back to student to help with college costs
➢ Resulting in awesome PR for helping students with college expenses and an advertising write off, WIN/WIN
➢ Social Media exposure and material to enhance your public relations, sales, marketing, web site and social media materials
➢ Special benefit to entrepreneurs with college age students, company advertising write off
➢ Company captures prospect information via texting to client designated codes.

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