Steven Adam - CEO/Founder

Steven Adam, at the age of 22, was struggling to pay his own college tuition. Steven did not want to place a burden on his parents by having them pay his way through school so he decided to do it himself. Even with his chaotic schedule of full time school, two jobs, and coaching water polo, one day he thought up the brilliant idea of having an easier way for students to get through school without the stress of money on their mind. This is the genesis of Tuition Earned Advertising and Marketing.

Roberta Moon - CFO/Co-Founder

Roberta Moon is a business owner and entrepreneur that worked with Steven Adam for 6 years when, virtually, out of the blue he asked her if her company would be willing to sponsor him as a way to help him with college tuition. His idea was so unique and exciting that she immediately realized that this young man was on to something and suggested that they meet for coffee the next day to discuss his idea's potential. That was August of 2013 and the month that Tuition Earned Advertising and Marketing was incepted. Roberta is a UC Santa Barbara alumnus and the mother of a college age daughter.

"Aligning myself with the idea of T.E.A.M is a way to really make a difference!"

Hawk - Director of Corp Training

Hawk is an internationally acclaimed motivational, inspirational and success trainer with over 30 years of experience in developing and leading corporate training programs. Hawk hosted an award winning radio program that was aired in 54 countries and he is a published author. We are excited to bring Hawk's innovative and effective training programs to our T.E.A.M Players and are confident that his wisdom and experience will translate to success! Hawk is the father of four.

"When I was introduced to the concept of T.E.A.M, I knew immediately that it was a company that would help a mass amount of college students in a creative way - I wanted to be part of that energy."

Brooke Jordan - Director of PR

Brooke was raised in a small southern California town where she attended all the local schools and graduated from high school in 2009. After graduation, she then transferred to Mt. San Jacinto College where she began completing her general education. She then realized her passion for Public Relations, for which she transferred to Cal State University Fullerton to complete her degree. While excited about her job with T.E.A.M. she is simultaneously pursuing her other passion which is a career in country music. Brooke comes from a large family and any spare time she has is spent with her parents and three older sisters as well as her two small, spoiled dogs.

Raine Behl - Director of Software Development

Raine is an artist, graphic designer and jill of all trades. She works on the website and graphic design projects for T.E.A.M. She is excited to be part of T.E.A.M.

Nicolette Ray - Director of Social Media

Nicolette Ray was a standout water polo player with Steven Adam as one of her coaches. She was a top choice to maintain T.E.A.M.'s social media because of her deep community involvement and engaging personality - not to mention her love and attention to social media. Nicolette also holds the title of Miss City of Lake Elsinore 2014-2015.

"I have a bunch of friends currently working their way through college and I am excited to be part of a company that will help with their tuition!"

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